There are so many reasons to make the choice to attend a New York City Dance Alliance convention!



NYCDA has a reputation for attracting the best dancers in the country and we pride ourselves in investing in our dancers and their futures. Our commitment to ‘our kids’ does not stop at the end of a convention weekend. We continually offer our own resources, opportunities and guidance that help bridge the gap between the ‘convention’ world and the ‘real’ world of dance. We really do meet amazing young dancers….which sometimes causes people to say ‘we’re not ready for NYCDA’.


The truth is….we attract dancers that WANT to be THEIR best. They may not currently be ‘the best’….but they want to work, they want to learn, and they want to be challenged. We emphasize life-skills like hard work and integrity….while still having fun! We want to see ALL kids succeed in their lives, regardless if they choose to be professional dancers. Bottom line…. people realize that with NYCDA the kids really do come first.



Let’s get specific about some of the resources and opportunities that are unique to NYCDA during a convention or summer intensive experience. First, let’s face it, the NYCDA faculty and the workshops are THE BEST! Secondly, each year we attract more support and sponsorship from the ‘real world’. We award more scholarships and opportunities to professional dance schools, pre-professional summer programs and even college programs every season. So many professional organizations are allowing us to hand-pick and recruit dancers for them. This happens every weekend…and then is multiplied at the National level – with everything from Broadway auditions to college recruiting.


We are also very proud to introduce our newly formed NYC Dance Alliance Foundation. One of the primary goals of the foundation is awarding college dance scholarships and last July we were able to award $500,000 in college scholarships to some of our summer attendees, through partnerships with prestigious dance universities. Our goal for July 2011 is $1,000,000!! We have more colleges interested in participating in July 2012….and we are very excited about how the NYC Dance Alliance Foundation will impact our ability to change even more lives.


Lastly, the very BEST thing about NYCDA is the incredible sense of family ….at every level. There is an incredible feeling of support amongst teachers, parents and dancers. Our 16 years of alumni is a ‘Who’s Who’ of the professional world….in every facet of the industry, and so many are still very involved in what we do. NYCDA dancers stay in the family! Each event feels like a ‘reunion’….even when welcoming new dancers and studios into our dance family. At NYCDA, everyone is genuinely excited to celebrate each other’s talents and applaud each other’s growth and success!  



@ 2012 New York City Dance Alliance