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Classic glamour and consummate skill for more than 75 years – the Radio City Rockettes are one of NYC’s most illustrious and beloved icons, and they star in America’s favorite holiday show.  
Radio City Entertainment has partnered with NYCDA in offering special opportunities to our dancers.

Radio City Entertainment is a also proud partner of the NYCDA College Scholarship Foundation.


Regional Level Support:

  • In every city, The “Rockette Award” is presented to a dancer that demonstrates ‘Rockette Potential.’  This dancer receives a full scholarship to Radio City’s “The Rockette Experience.”

National Level Support:

  • Radio City audition workshops are offered for male and female ensemble dancers, young boy ensemble members and young girl dancers for the role of ‘Clara’.
  • A special Rockette Workshop is provided and a talented dancer is selected to “Jump The Line” at an upcoming Rockette professional audition.
@ 2012 New York City Dance Alliance